FUNKE"FP" plate heat exchanger is a traditional and most common version; the routine heat transmission sheet bars adopted by it are sealed with gaskets; a sealed fluid passage is formed after neighbor
FUNKE"FPDW" double-wall safe plate heat exchanger replaces single sheet bar with two sheet bars welded together; the fluid will flow to the outside from between the two sheet bars once there is crack
The sheet bar of FUNKE"FPWG" wide-space plate heat exchanger has big corrugation depth, with the flowing passage diameter reaching 3 times of traditional sheet bar; there are fewer contacting points b
The flow passage of a FUNKE"FPG" semi-welded plate heat exchanger is composed of a welded flow passage and a routine flow passage in a crosswise way. When processing medium corrosive to the sealing ga
FSheet bar bundle of a Funke brazed plate heat exchanger is made of pressed stainless steel; with copper or nickel foil of purity over 99.9%, heated and brazed in a vacuum furnace. Besides, the plates
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