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Fully-welded Plate Heat Exchanger – FUNKE Block FPB Welded Plate Heat Exchanger


Plate heat exchanger

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箱形可拆焊接板式换热器是将所有的板片焊接成一体,形成的板束被置于矩形箱内,矩形箱通过螺杆与板束连接而成。可拆式的检查和维修比较方便。FUNKEBlockFPB型焊接板式换热器板片有人字形波纹、凹槽状波纹、管状波纹三种不同的形式,根据使用工况的不同,可合理选择不同的板型,以达到更好的换热效果。   FUNKEBlockFPB板式换热器适用于高温、高压或有侵蚀性的介质工况。设计压力可达32bar,设计


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FUNKE Block FPB welded plate heat exchanger has all its sheet bars welded together; the sheet bundle is placed inside the rectangular box that is formed through connecting the screws and the sheet bundle. This type of heat exchanger is easy for check and maintenance. The sheet bars of FUNKE Block FPB welded plate heat exchanger include such three versions as chevron pointing corrugation, groove type corrugation, tube type corrugation, which is up to the actual work conditions for optimal heat exchange effect.
FUNKE Block FPB plate heat exchanger is suitable for work conditions of high temperature, high pressure and corrosive medium; the design pressure can reach 32bar; and the design temperature is -40℃~315℃.


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