Heating or cooling of different media in different industries
High efficiency, small heat loss, compact and lightweight structure
Compact structure, maximum space saving



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Funke originated in Hannover, the capital city of Lower Saxony, Germany. In 1974,

Karl-Heinz Funke founded the first Funke plant. In the course of nearly four decades,

the small workshop has developed into the Funke Group with global strategies and


Company profile

Global distribution

  • 1974

    Funke founded the first Funke plant

  • 15

    Global branches

  • 80

    Technical patents

  • 200

    workers in production

  • 100

    Engineer & Technical Commissioner

  • Feng Kai attends the 11th petrochemical equipment Summit
    The 11th China petrochemical equipment procurement international summit and exhibition opened in mid summer in Shanghai. The exhibition gathered the leading petrochemical industry at home and abroad, in which experts shared industry knowledge and discussed the future development prospects.
    Two celebrations
    In the early summer of 2014 when trees have turned green and flowers are in blossom, FUNKE (Changzhou) ushered in the inauguration ceremony of the 2nd phase.
    The Asian Sales Meeting
    On October 14th when the weather was fine, the Asian Sales Meeting was held in Changzhou officially. The participants included FUNKE leaders and dealers from Russia, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, India
    The 9th AchemAsia was held successfully in Beijing from May.13 to May.16,2013.
    The 9th Achem Asia was held successfully in Beijing from May 13 to 16 2013. More than 400 exhibitors from 23 countries took part in the exhibition. At this AchemAsia, our colleagues from sales and eng


    Feng Kai attends the 11th petrochemical equipment Summit