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Job responsibilities:
1. Strictly follow the drawings and process procedures to ensure the welding quality.
2. Strictly implement the quality assurance manual and system, comply with the relevant provisions on test plate welding and weld repair, do not strike an arc on the surface of the workpiece, timely remove the slag and splash after welding, and timely fill in the process card and welding records after self inspection.
3. Strictly abide by the welding material receiving system to ensure that the welding materials can be traced, the surplus welding surplus shall be returned, the electrode head shall be recycled, and the insulation cylinder shall be used correctly.
4. The material requisition shall be filled in for material requisition, and the section chief shall be assisted to complete the material utilization index, work measuring tool index and auxiliary material index of the section;
5. Carry out daily equipment spot check to check whether the equipment is in normal condition.
6. In case of equipment failure, assist the maintenance workers.
7. The measuring instruments can only be used after passing the periodic verification, and shall be used reasonably and maintained carefully.
8. Do a good job of 5S on site.
Job requirements:
1. Work carefully and actively; Obey work arrangement, adapt to overtime and business trip, and strictly abide by company rules and regulations;
2. Be able to perform manual welding, argon arc welding, CO2 shielded welding, submerged arc welding and other methods
3. More than 3 years of welding experience in heat exchanger manufacturing, familiar with drawings and welding processes, butt welding and pipe head welding, and experience in pressure vessel welding is preferred;
4. Special welding (titanium, nickel, nonferrous metal) is preferred, with welder certificate.

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