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Double Shell-Pass Heat Exchanger

● The shell pass of a double shell-pass heat exchanger is divided into two parts through a partition board, which means the medium goes around inside. Double tube-pass and double shell-pass heat exchanger is a tube-shell type heat exchanger of pure counterflow heat exchange design. In a double tube-pass and double shell-pass heat exchanger, the fluid in the shell pass can generate, at very low speed, turbulent flow, which improves convective heat transfer coefficient.
● Funke has solved the problem of assembly sequence of double shell pass; it suggests meticulous quality control procedure, laying solid foundation for production of high-quality products.
● Mainly applied to work conditions of high temperature difference and big flow; however, it has bigger pressure drop compared with other heat exchangers of the same heat exchange area, therefore, it shall be meticulously used in places of more stricter requirements.
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