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Fixed Tube-Sheet Heat Exchanger



☆ Structural features:
● Sheet tube welded to the cylinder; the core of the tube bundle not extractable; simple structure, low manufacturing cost; an expansion joint can be added to the shell to meet the requirements for different temperature stresses;
● Compact structure available for optimized tube arrangement to maximize heat-exchange area;
● Tubes can be arranged in 1, 2, 4, 6 passes and can be applied extensively
● Each Funke product model has passed strict theoretical calculation and tests, with balance reached between theory and actual application. For dozens of years, Funke has accumulated abundant experience in type selection and manufacturing. Providing customers with high-quality products is the most fundamental requirement of Funke.
☆ Application scope:
Fixed tube-sheet heat exchanger is a most extensively applied version; it can be used in various industries for heating or cooling different mediums.
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