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Process gas cooler



☆ Product Introduction:
Interstage cooler, also known as“compressor interstage cooler”and“air-compressor interstage cooler”is abbreviated as intercooler . It is installed between two adjacent stages of multi-stage reciprocating compressors (or two adjacent sections of turbine compressors). Based on the principles of thermo economics and taking into account of the comprehensive benefit of investment and operation, Funke came up with the optimized objective functions and design parameters for compressor intercoolers with multi-component gas. Moreover, Funke carried out analysis and discussions of the unsteadiness of optimized designs and developed its own core technology. Funke application engineers are familiar with all applicable device types as well as the advantages and disadvantages of design features. We can provide you with the most effective solutions based on the latest designs and calculation methods.
☆Application fields:
● Applicable in working conditions with high pressure or low air/gas flow rate
●Applicable in oil-refinery, natural gas treatment, petro-chemical and chemical plant
●Applicable in air separation plant, producing finished refined gas
●Applicable in gas turbines and auxiliary power units
●Applicable in compressors for natural gas pipelines


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