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Symmetric and Asymmetric Plate Heat Exchanger



FUNKE"FP" plate heat exchanger is a traditional and most common version; the routine heat transmission sheet bars adopted by it are sealed with gaskets; a sealed fluid passage is formed after neighboring sheet bars are assembled in the correct way; cold and hot mediums can flow in its separate passage respectively, achieving good heat exchange effect. "FP" plate heat exchanger fully utilizes its advantages as follows for a variety of sectors such as heating, cooling, and steam condensation etc:
●High heat transfer coefficient
●Small land occupation
●High turbulence which can effect for self cleaning 
●Compact structure and light operation weight
●Easy to maintain and clean 
FUNKE"FP" plate heat exchanger adopts unique "Off-set" sheet bar design; it can form symmetric or asymmetric flowing passage, thus to be more economical and reasonable. "Off-set" plate not only has different corrugation dip angle, but also can realize heat mixing design. The asymmetric flowing passage formed by it can generate different sectional area for the cold and hot fluid flowing, which optimizes the match-up between heat exchange effect and pressure loss. Compared with symmetric flowing passage, asymmetric flowing passage can improve the total heat transfer coefficient, saving cost by 17%.
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