Scenery under the scorching sun -- on-the-spot record of employees in Funke Workshop


  In July, we can see everywhere that the scorching sun is arrogant and domineering, and the earth is burning with a ferocious face, without any mercy. The body temperature in the daytime has reached 45 degrees Celsius, while the Funke people have never been coquettish in the heat. Their dreams have been condensed into responsibilities, and they quietly wear them into their uniforms.


  Early in the morning, cicadas chirp loudly, reminding people that it is another hot and unbearable day. Funke's workshop has a busy figure, shuttling between steel. With the combination of the heat emitted by the machine and the natural temperature, this set of work clothes has already been soaked in sweat, and you have no slack.



  Welders, a special type of work, still wear thick welding clothes under high temperature, and carry out their work in an orderly manner. The barrel and the barrel are switched at will. There is no fidgety expression, only patience and preciseness. The sweat flowing from the brim of the hat is a commitment to work.


  In the face of the high temperature in recent days, Funke also attaches great importance to preparing drinks for employees to relieve the heat. He checks the working status every day and reminds them to do a good job of heatstroke prevention at all times. Although the task is urgent, try to avoid high-intensity work to ensure the physical and mental health of employees!


  Ten thousand meters is not long, and we measure it with our feet every day; A hundred days is not short. Every day, we experience the embrace of high temperature. We have never retreated, nor have we ever thought of retreating. On the way forward, we gather too much effort and responsibility. The timely delivery of the products is the silent insistence behind every drop of sweat. Thank you and express our deep respect to you with the most sincere feelings!