Starting towards happiness


At the end of spring and the beginning of summer, there is a beautiful scenery in the south of the Yangtze River, with red flowers and green willows. The smell of light wind will make people slightly intoxicated. In this pleasant time, we set out towards happiness and Yixing.
It was cool in the morning. My colleagues came to the company early as agreed. Three buses took us to Yixing, the ancient capital of Tao, the world of caves, and the sea of bamboo. Our first stop is Zhanggong Cave, a famous limestone cave. There are 72 caves of different sizes in this cave. The temperature of each cave is different. It is said that Zhang Guolao lived in seclusion here in the Tang Dynasty. Here we go around, circling up and down, and see the wonders in the cave.




  After the tour, we participated in drifting, underground river exploration and pottery bar activities. A small boat shuttled between narrow waterways. The occasional torrent march would cause us to cry in fear, floating in the valley, making this happiness hover here for a long time. Underground river exploration has really improved our rowing skills and strength of our arms. Two people paddle to control a boat, but they are always unsatisfactory. They hang around in the same place, while colleagues enjoy themselves, looking for the fun of rowing and the joy of laughing and playing among colleagues.




  Children are the future, the source of happiness, and the continuation of the life of parents in a family. For families, they are also our family members for Feng Kai. Some colleagues took their children with them in this one-day trip to Yixing. In the leisure time after lunch, you can stroll in the Eden of the game with these elves, and the sounds of joy, applause and singing come and go, hovering around the whole villa.