Unit 1 of Datang Wanning Gas Power Plant Project is put into operation!


22:00, October 22
China Energy Engineering Southern Construction Investment Corporation Guangdong Thermal Power Co., Ltd
Datang Wanning Gas Power Plant Project Unit 1
Successfully passed 168 hour test run and handed over to production
During unit commissioning
All systems operate normally
All parameters meet the index requirements
Officially put into commercial operation






The project has electricity and natural gas
The important role of "double peak shaving"
It can solve the problem of green energy use in Hainan
Make efficient use of marine natural gas resources
Improve the coordination of marine resources in the province
Change the eastern part of the island
Lack of load support for power grid space security
Be the "North South Pole" Central City of Hainan Free Trade Port
Provide high-quality power supply guarantee
Project Business Card
Datang Wanning Gas Power Plant Project Planning and Construction 2 × 460MW improved gas steam combined cycle pure condensing power generation unit, located in Tianpai Village, Beida Town, Wanning City, Hainan Province, is jointly funded by Datang Hainan Energy Development Co., Ltd. and CNOOC Gas Power Group Hanhai Energy Investment Co., Ltd. Datang Wanning Natural Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd. is responsible for the project construction, and Guangdong Thermal Power is responsible for the construction and installation of Unit 1 and some public ancillary works.



  This project is the first large-scale power supply project started by a central enterprise to support the construction of Hainan's "five networks" infrastructure. It is of great significance for Hainan Province to build a national ecological civilization pilot zone and a clean energy island, and to increase green and protect blue in the protection and development. As the supporting point of power supply in the east of Hainan Province, the construction of this project is conducive to promoting the decentralization of power supply layout in Hainan and improving the reliability of power supply in the east of Hainan. According to the results of the urban minimum grid planning, Wanning Gas and Power is a disaster resistant power supply. After the project is put into operation, it will greatly improve the peak shaving capacity of the system, reduce environmental pollution and promote regional economic and social development.