Sheet tube welded to the cylinder; the core of the tube bundle not extractable; simple structure, low manufacturing cost; an expansion joint can be added to the shell to meet the requirements for diff
The U-tube bundle is extractable that faciltiates cleaning; besides, the U end can extend or contract freely to solve temperature compensation problem.
The tube sheet on one end of a floating-head heat exchanger is fixed between the shell and the channel box; that on the other end can move freely in the shell; there is no temperature stress between
Since a stuffing-box sealing structure is adopted, the tube bundle can extend or contract freely in the shell shaft; no thermal stress will be generated for thermal deformation difference between shel
☆ Hairpin heat exchanger integrates the advantages of U-tube heat exchanger and other shell type (fixed tube-sheet type, stuffing-box type) heat exchangers, featured as follows:
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