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2022/08/22 18:37


  The sun is burning in the sky, the trees are shaded, and the summer breeze is hot. We set out in the warm sunshine and played in the blue sky.



  "There's no need to hate the fragrance and the trees in summer are overcast and pleasant". You can enjoy the tofu village, the Liyang Museum, and the bamboo sea rafting. The activities are rich and passionate. After work, you can swim with your friends. From indoor to outdoor, from land to water, the belt of friendship flows slowly, and the anxiety in midsummer is removed. It blooms into flowers in your heart, and the fragrance is fragrant.


  "It is a great achievement to help many people.". Funke, an enterprise from Germany that focuses on making heat exchangers, has taken root in China for more than ten years. From the initial scale of dozens of people to the number of skilled people and craftsmen gathered today, it is magnificent and magnificent. In the future, we will continue the spirit of craftsman and persist in creating the professional field of heat exchanger.