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Feng Kai attends the 11th petrochemical equipment Summit

Release time:
2021/07/05 18:13

The 11th China petrochemical equipment procurement international summit and exhibition opened in mid summer in Shanghai. The exhibition gathered the leading petrochemical industry at home and abroad, in which experts shared industry knowledge and discussed the future development prospects.

On June 23, the orderly venue was arranged in the host's welcome speech, and the manufacturers participating in the exhibition warmly received every interested customer. In this exhibition, Fengkai company received many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Wanhua and Linde, and affirmed their cooperation in the past. Fengkai always adheres to the down-to-earth and rigorous working style, and gives each heat exchanger we produce to customers with quality and quantity guaranteed. The zero leakage promised by customers is praised and trusted by customers in the industry!

As a heat exchanger, Fengkai is serious and has a long way to go. Everyone of Fengkai will work together for our common goal and vision, strive to break through ourselves and create new achievements one after another.